I took today off work so I could have a full day dedicated to making art without the normal distractions of weekend life. As I await delivery of my air compressor and a new type of clay, I am working on making improvements to my website. What I didn’t expect was to spend the better part of my day on my website. It shouldn’t surprise me, really, since I often get lost in website fiddling.

That state of being fully immersed in an activity while feeling energized and focused is something psychologist call “flow”. For me, fiddling with my website puts me in a state of flow. Sculpting also leads to flow.

Lack of flow is probably one of the main reasons I find working for someone else so dissatisfying. Staying on task is probably one of the main reasons I have difficulty being successful as an artist. How do I learn to stay on task as an artist? The nine-to-five routine keeps me on task.

The schedule keeps me on task…

And so I’ve circled back to my need for a schedule.

My day doesn’t feel like it was wasted though. It was important to me to get my Daily Doodles back into the sidebar. I’ve also started getting some of the photo galleries of work-in-progress added. And I’ve updated my blog with this lovely disjointed blog post. Most importantly, I needed a mental health day. The-Day-Job has been testing my limits this week.

Internal Monologue: Time and Space for Art

I’ve been trying to come up with a production schedule of sorts to make the most of what little time I have to devote to my art right now. In college, studio art classes were all three hours long. I’d like to try to set up the same sort of schedule for my home studio. Three hours is unreasonable for evenings after work during the week., but I could probably find a couple of three hour blocks on Saturdays and Sundays. So 12 hours of studio time over the weekends. I like that. Maybe I could get in an hour of studio time every night after work too, or an hour in the morning before work. Before work seems more manageable.

My workspace still isn’t organized to make the best use of time and space. Every time I try to get organized, I find myself in a circular pattern. Create a schedule. Improve the space. Organize the space around the schedule. Create a schedule. At this point, I think I just need to pick a point on the wheel and start.

So back to creating a schedule. The three hour blocks on Saturday would look like what? What about a morning block and an afternoon/evening block? So morning would be… 6-9am? That would be okay except the farmer’s market is back for the season, and I’m not sure I’m willing to give that up. I could maybe work 5-7 in the morning then get to the market. Come home, shower, then work again from 9-12 or 10-1 or so. Sunday could maybe be 6-9 and 1-4. Hmm. I’ll have to play with that schedule this weekend and see what it looks like.

Always Back to Clay

I’ve been working with a new clay since mid-January with great results. My progress is somewhat documented on Facebook, but I felt it was time to bring my intellectual property back here to its home where I can have more control. I’ll try to get some of the progress galleries uploaded in the coming weeks.

A Pant? A Shoe?

I call them pants and shoes. Or a pair of pants/shoes. Why do fashion people call them A PANT and A SHOE? Have you ever noticed that? I’m watching some fashion show on tv, and the so-called expert stylist will say, “The shoe works well with the pant.”

So, if you have only one leg, is it half a pant? Half a shoe? The funny thing is that the dictionary doesn’t have pants listed. It says:

pant – an outer garment covering each leg separately

Each. Leg. Separately. Why do I find that so funny?